Sunday, 8 July 2012

Minions Rebelution Project

A gallery of the entire Minion characters
Minion the Minion :)
The main protagonist of the story.
Crax - A walking shield. 
Crax can deal out huge amounts of damage with his hammer like gauntlets.
Grrrr! - Bad tempered and quick to swing his Double-Bladed axe.
Grrrr! can enter a Berserker like state to cause massive damage to all enemies within range.
Heinz - A walking pillar of iron.
Heinz wields an enormous weapon that can be used as either a sword or a shield.
Armold - Undermines enemies with his digging abilities.
He can also bypass obstacles in the environment.
Always worried the sky will fall on his head :)
Ball & Bead - Mini Minions can access areas other Minions can not.
Croaxe - An amphibious Minion.
Loud and good humoured Croaxe generates slime which enables him to slide at speed.
In water his speed is unrivalled and he deals more damage. 
More to follow -

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